Our Pastor & Staff

Dr. Steve Christner

Steve Christner graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 1977 and 1978.  He and his wife Sally came to Calvary Baptist Church in December of 1981.  Here they have served faithfully with their four children for twenty-six years.
In 1993 Pastor Christner was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from his Alma Mater.  We are honored to have such a humble servant of God as our pastor.

Andy Powell
Assistant Pastor

Andy Powell has served as Assistant Pastor since 1979. He is the Music Director and cares for all practical matters concerning the buildings and grounds. There is very little he cannot fix or build. The definitions for faithfulness and stability were written as a tribute to this man.

Dan Christner
Youth Pastor

Dan Christner joined the staff of CBC in 2006 and serves as the Youth Pastor and Bus Director. He directs the Sunday schools and Junior churches in addition to teaching in the school and maintaining the buses.